UK Coffee Aficionados to Consume Nearly 62,000 Cups in a Lifetime

On average, a coffee enthusiast in the UK is poised to indulge in almost 18,000 liters—or the equivalent of 62,000 mugfuls—of coffee throughout their lifetime, according to a survey of 2,000 coffee-consuming adults. The research reveals that individuals, on average, relish three cups of coffee daily, with 7 am being the favored time for their initial caffeine fix. A noteworthy 41 percent admit to struggling with optimal functionality until they’ve experienced their first jolt of caffeine. Surprisingly, 43 percent of respondents confess to sticking with the same coffee choice for over two decades.

In response to these findings, Breville, the sponsor of the study, has inaugurated the ‘Spill The Beans’ pop-up café, aimed at inspiring coffee enthusiasts to embrace more adventurous choices. The brand has also developed a coffee knowledge quiz to test the expertise of coffee aficionados. Iain Stuart-Crush, a spokesperson for Breville, remarked, “The study underscores the UK’s insatiable appetite for coffee. While it quickly becomes a daily ritual, many seem uncertain about optimizing their coffee experience at home. We aim to demonstrate that consumers can craft delectable, barista-quality coffee with our latest espresso machine innovation right in their kitchen.”

Among the coffee preferences identified, the most favored types include latte (21 percent), cappuccino (20 percent), americano (18 percent), and flat white (15 percent). However, a striking 74 percent confess to being unaware of the type of coffee bean used in their favorite brew. Although 80 percent are familiar with Arabica, lesser-known varieties like Robusta (33 percent), Liberica (9 percent), and Excelsa (8 percent) remain relatively obscure.

Intriguingly, the study, conducted by OnePoll, exposes that 51 percent lack clarity on the distinction between a cold brew and an iced coffee. Cold brew, made by steeping coffee grounds in cold water for 12 hours, differs from iced coffee, which is regular coffee cooled down.

Promoting the idea of homebrewing, Ashley Palmer-Watts, founder of Artisan Coffee Co., shared insights at the ‘Spill The Beans’ Café, equipped with the new Breville Barista Signature Espresso Maker. He emphasized the importance of starting with a warm mug, proper tamping when using an espresso machine, and freezing coffee beans to preserve freshness and extend their shelf life. Palmer-Watts expressed his enthusiasm for helping coffee enthusiasts explore the diverse world of coffee choices, even from the comfort of their homes.

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