Excelsa Coffee Scoring Format

Excelsa Coffee Scoring Format

Here is the proposed standardized format for Excelsa coffee, we can adapt the existing Arabica and Robusta formats to create a baseline for scoring Excelsa.

Here is the proposed format for scoring and cupping coffee specific to Excelsa Coffee:

Aroma (18 points):

  • Intensity (0-6): Strength of the aroma. Consider fruit, floral, nutty, spicy, woody notes specific to Excelsa.
  • Complexity (0-6): Variety and depth of aromatic characteristics.
  • Pleasantness (0-6): Absence of off-aromas or defects.

Dry (6 points):

  • Appearance (0-3): Visual assessment of bean size, uniformity, color, and absence of defects.
  • Aroma (0-3): Dry fragrance, considering Excelsa-specific notes.

Break (6 points):

  • Sound (0-2): Crispness and cleanness of the snap.
  • Ease of break (0-2): Resistance encountered during breaking.
  • Aroma (0-2): Fragrance released during the break, considering Excelsa-specific notes.

Flavor (20 points):

  • Intensity (0-6): Strength and presence of taste on the tongue. Consider Excelsa-specific qualities like fruitiness, acidity, sweetness, and body balance.
  • Complexity (0-6): Variety and depth of flavor characteristics.
  • Pleasantness (0-8): Absence of off-flavors or defects.

Aftertaste (10 points):

  • Length (0-4): Duration of the taste after swallowing.
  • Cleanness (0-3): Absence of lingering unpleasant flavors.
  • Pleasantness (0-3): Overall enjoyment of the aftertaste.

Acidity (10 points):

  • Intensity (0-4): Strength and pungency of the acidity. Consider Excelsa-specific acidity profile, often described as citric or malic.
  • Quality (0-3): Brightness and pleasantness of the acidity, avoiding harshness or sourness.
  • Balance (0-3): Harmony between acidity and other flavor components.

Body (10 points):

  • Texture (0-4): Mouthfeel, considering weight, viscosity, and smoothness. Consider Excelsa’s naturally lighter body compared to Arabica.
  • Balance (0-3): Harmony between body and other flavor components.
  • Aftertaste contribution (0-3): How body texture and weight impact the aftertaste.

Blanca (4 points):

  • Absence of defects (0-2): Presence of any visual defects in the brewed coffee.
  • Clarity (0-2): Transparency and absence of cloudiness.

Uniformity (4 points):

  • Consistency of flavor and aroma across multiple cups brewed from the same sample.

Clean Cup (4 points):

  • Absence of any unpleasant or distracting flavors or aromas.

Sweetness (4 points):

  • Intensity (0-2): Level of perceived sweetness.
  • Quality (0-2): Pleasantness and absence of artificial sweetness.

Overall (10 points):

  • Balance and harmony of all attributes.
  • Uniqueness and positive characteristics specific to Excelsa.
  • Overall quality and potential for enjoyment.