ExcelsaCon 2025

Mark your calendars, Excelsa aficionados! The year is 2025, and San Diego, California prepares to host the world’s first Excelsa Coffee Conference. This is no ordinary gathering; it’s a watershed moment, a vibrant convergence of science, passion, and the collective heartbeat of the Excelsa industry.

Imagine a sun-kissed Californian landscape buzzing with the energy of renowned scientists, dedicated farmers, skilled roasters, and coffee connoisseurs united by a single, exquisite bean. Immerse yourself in cutting-edge research that unlocks the secrets of Excelsa’s terroir and genetics. Witness best practices shared firsthand by those who nurture this precious crop at every stage, from verdant farm to steaming cup. Discover the secrets to unlocking Excelsa’s extraordinary flavor profiles, from brewing techniques whispered by masters to cultural insights that enrich your understanding of this cherished beverage.

But the Excelsa Coffee Conference is more than just knowledge exchange. It’s a platform for collaboration, a fertile ground where partnerships blossom and the future of this remarkable bean is nurtured. Be a part of shaping Excelsa’s trajectory, influencing sustainability practices, promoting fair trade, and ensuring that every sip whispers the tale of dedication and excellence.

So, join us in San Diego, California. Be a part of history, ignite your passion, and savor the essence of Excelsa like never before. This is more than a conference; it’s a movement, a celebration, and a promise for the future of this truly exceptional coffee. We await you in the California sunshine, where the world of Excelsa unfolds, one exquisite cup at a time.

Join us for the first annual ExcelsaCon 2025!