What is the Excelsa Coffee Bean?

The Excelsa Coffee Bean is a variety of the Liberica Coffee Tree and is known for its unusual angular shape. The tree originated in Africa, but is also grown in Asia, and has been named as one of the four main coffee types by the International Coffee Organization. The beans are more commonly used in blends than single origin coffees though.


Excelsa coffee beans are a well-known type of bean that is grown in Africa. These particular trees have a history dating back throughout the ages, as they were first discovered in Vietnam, and then used within the Middle East. These trees were brought to Thailand by Arab traders many years ago, and today they are still produced in both Thailand and Panama, where they are grown on a large scale.


The Excelsa fruit has an oval shape similar to a cherry, with an unripe fruit being green in color and a ripe fruit having a bright red color. When ripe, the fruit splits open to expose two seeds, which are harvested for their coffee beans. The fruits ripen at different times through the year, which allows for harvesting throughout the year rather than just once each year like with other types of fruits. The Excelsa coffee cherry typically has 5 seeds or beans, compared to 2 in Arabica, and 1 in Robusta. The fruit may be green, yellow or red in color when ripe. This depends on the species as well as terroir, and climate. Excelsa cherries are generally larger than those of Arabica varieties, being about 1 cm long.


Excelsa is a type of coffee plant that is mostly cultivated in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The coffee beans are small and have a relatively low caffeine content when compared to other types of coffee beans. Excelsa is the second most popular type of coffee bean after arabica. Coffee beans from the Excelsa plant come from the tropical regions of South East Asia, where they are grown on large trees that can reach an average height of 10 meters.


Excelsa Coffee Beans have their own unique flavor profiles. The flavor of a certain roast can vary depending on where the beans were grown and what kind of climate they were grown in. They are often described as having a strong taste and flavor with a heavy body. Their flavors are typically described with notes of cherry, caramelized sugar, and molasses.

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