Why You Need to Try Excelsa Coffee (from YourCoffeeandTea.com)

The article we have paraphrased is originally from Your Coffee and Tea, a website dedicated to all things coffee and tea. To learn more about Excelsa coffee beans and other coffee-related topics, you can visit their website at https://yourcoffeeandtea.com/

Excelsa coffee beans, also known as Liberica, are a rare and unique coffee bean varietal that is not as well-known as Arabica or Robusta beans. Excelsa coffee beans are grown primarily in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines, where they have been cultivated for more than a century.

Excelsa coffee beans are distinct in their shape, which is slightly larger and more irregular than other coffee beans. They also have a unique taste profile, which is often described as having a fruity and tart flavor with a hint of dark chocolate. Some coffee enthusiasts appreciate Excelsa coffee for its complex flavor, while others find it too unusual for their taste buds.

Because Excelsa coffee beans are not as widely grown or popular as other coffee varieties, they are often more expensive and harder to find. However, for those who are willing to seek them out, they can be a unique and exciting addition to their coffee collection.

Overall, Excelsa coffee beans are a distinctive and interesting coffee varietal that is worth exploring for coffee lovers who are seeking something new and unusual. Their unique flavor profile and rarity make them a special treat for anyone who appreciates the diversity and complexity of the world’s coffee beans.

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